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I always thought I would swear not to blog. But then I remembered two things. 1. I love to write. 2. I have experienced great advice from many blogs that I have read, and people have imparted such wisdom to me that it would be selfish not to share it.

I do not profess to be anything other than a person, working through life and wanting to share that experience with others. Rather than struggling alone, we may as well all struggle together. To reach the point that we aren't struggling at all.

The phrase "sharing is caring", whilst a phrase I have always found funny, is very true. Because when you share you are caring about others. You are wanting to invite people in. For the greater good. Life is then open. Doors then open. Emotions then open. By keeping it all to ourselves, and plodding on alone, we are shutting people out and closing the door on them. No, we don't have to "over share", or let the world in, but pick those that you trust and share. Be open.

I'm not saying I know how it should be done. All I'm saying is, if one small part of my writing speaks to you, then it was worth it. If it makes you feel less alone, then it was worth it.

To understand a little about where my blogs will be focused. I am a parent that, like many, is trying to do a good - no, great! - job parenting whilst also trying to establish her own business. Therefore, my posts may offer you some insight into things that have helped me from a business point of view, or things that I feel would be helpful to share from a parenting point of view. Very often they come hand in hand.

Today my main inspiration came during a conversation about beating oneself up over the wrangle between being mum and being the boss.

One phrase that came up in this conversation was "mental health hole". I am very passionate about preserving and protecting ones mental health at all times, as its one element of health that affects such a vast majority of the population, yet is still referred to in terms of weakness or taboo. NO WAY! We all have mental capacity, therefore we all have to take care of mental health.

This reference to a "mental health hole" (a term which I instantly loved, as so many people can relate to it) was in relation to trying to balance the "being a great parent" with trying to "run a successful business". During our conversation I realised just how hard we are on ourselves. It's ok to pat ourselves on the back for our little wins each day. They don't ALL need to be monumental. But be KIND to yourself.

If you worked on your business today and your kids got to school, fed, clothed and loved, that's a big tick in my book. Celebrate the little wins. They all mount up to be the cumulative big win.

And GO EASY on yourself. We put too much pressure on ourselves, and need to cut some slack. Remember it's all about balance. Always leave a bit of space each day for YOU. And for the people in your life. Balance. It's all very well running a successful business but not if your relationships or health have been sacrificed.

Smile. Keep smiling. You're doing alright....and alright turns into great. And you are NOT ALONE. However much you may feel it's only you feeling the way you do, while others smile through their day, just remember you don't know the story behind those smiles closed doors. Never compare. Just BE. Be you, as its all you can be.

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