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Adapted Timetable

During all school and venue closures. SWINGDYHOP classes will be delivered online, via ZOOM.  Once you have paid for your class, you will be sent a link for either your current term (for School students ) or for your class (for online participants). 

Current Term

Those who attend my schools classes will have received an email from me. To make it easy to sign up, you can click on the pay now button below, and enter the amount on your renewal letter, as different schools have different term dates.  This is for term starting 20th April 2020. 

Online Classes


I will be running a 4 week Shim Sham lesson programme, great fun for children and adults.  This will start on Friday 10th April, 3pm, and running over Easter.  The full course is £20 and you can click the link below to sign up to the course: 

If you join us mid course, you can click below to pay weekly.  Just remember that if you join mid course, we will be in the middle of teaching the routine. 

Once you have paid you will receive a ZOOM meeting room link.  Please email maxine@loveoflindy.com if you do not receive this.  If you need details of how to use ZOOM this will be sent with your confirmation email.  

Thank you all for adapting and being part of keeping dance alive through the power of the internet.  It will certainly alleviate the boredom, and you can join in with the kids and learn to Swing dance!    Stay safe and well. x


From Moojangles sister company, Love of Lindy, SWINGDYHOP is an educative Swing and Lindy hop dance class for children at primary school age.

SWINGDYHOP  will not only provide an authentic swing and lindy dance experience for the children, but also an interactive education into the dance, music and fashions of the 20’s – 40’s, in a fun and informal way.


  • Historically educative

  • Supporting KS2 History Curriculum

  • Fitness

  • Co-ordination

  • Focus

  • Sociability

  • FUN!

Please do contact Maxine if you are interested in SWINGDYHOP at your primary school.  There are no costs to the school.  Please do drop me a line at hello@moojangles.co.uk to discuss.

SWINGDYHOP for Schools

Running in conjunction with the KS2 History curriculum, SWINGDYHOP offers a visiting company experience, where students will learn a Swing/Lindy Hop routine, as danced during WWII and before.  This period was not only such an important part of history but a time of great style, fashion, music and dance. 

SWINGDYHOP offers an insight into this time, along with accompanying curriculum notes, to provide a comprehensive and informed approach to teaching students about this period.  For those of you interested in SWINGDYHOP visiting your school, please do feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

Sessions are run by Maxine who holds full insurance, an enhanced portable DBS check, certification in primary school dance from the Royal Academy of Dance and a degree in Theatre Arts. She has been dancing, teaching and performing Swing and Lindy Hop for over 20 years.  To book SWINGDYHOP at your school please email:  hello@moojangles.co.uk

SWINGDYHOP also has limited space left for your school to house a regular weekly lunchtime club.  Please do get in touch to discuss bringing SWINGDYHOP weekly dance classes to your child's primary school.


​The SWINGDYHOP Performance Squad at David Lloyd Cheam is now open for students.  The Squad is specifically for learning routines and for performance opportunity.  We have entered for Britain's Got Talent auditions and rehearsals are at 4.30-5.30pm, Monday evenings, term time.  Spaces are limited.  Please drop me a line to book a space:  maxine@loveoflindy.com 

*  Degree in Theatre Arts
*  Exercise to Music Fitness qualifications  
*  Certification in Primary School Dance from the Royal Academy of Dance.
*  Fully insured by the Foundation of Community
*  Safeguarding Children Certificate  
*  Children’s First Aid Certificate.
*  Portable DBS check.
*  Licensed Chaperone
*  O.A. Dip Child's Behaviour