Covid Closure Updates

During these unprecedented times we will all be making decisions based on keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe.  With this in mind, all direct contact has been restricted and, until I can do otherwise, I will be moving all my classes Online.




Access to these classes will be via the Moojangles Moo Tube (You Tube) and you can subscribe here to receive updates and access to classes:








Obviously this is a very new and sudden move and, being the technophobe that I am, I will be doing my very best to learn and deliver these sessions to you and your children.  You will probably notice they will improve as they go along, so bear with me!  The main focus is being able to deliver the spirit of Moojangles to you all and to give you something to add some respite to the lockdown for the kids. 

Session Cost

I will not be charging for sessions, as I agree that we all need to provide and pull together to get through this as a community.  My focus, in the first instance, is to keep sessions running and make sure there are still activities to engage the children. 



There is a donate bottom below, should you wish to donate a few pounds to the session you attended.  I have placed this here simply because, as I know all of you that are self employed can appreciate, there is no set up in place to protect Self Employed businesses, and our insurance does not cover an unlikely event such as this.  Many of us will find this period of time will force us to close our businesses, which again, as a community we wish to try and avoid. 

With this in mind I will be supporting and encouraging all those self employed companies as much as I can during this time, and I urge you to do the same.  Wherever possible, see where we can utilise the services of our self employed friends and families, so that they may get through this time without crippling debt or business closure. 

Most importantly....stay safe, stay secure, and please do use the Facebook Moojangles forum as a place for communication too.  Communication will be key in the upcoming weeks, so please feel free to chat to other parents in a safe, fun and loving environment on the Moojangles FB page and Moojangleskids Instagram. 


Thank you to all of you that took part in my sideways class!!!  Following Thursday it will be the right way round!  

I am also developing (space in my house) to add some free story times and interactive story improv coming soon.  In the meantime, I am working on recording classes and posting to You Tube.  As the weeks go by we may move over to live class schedules on Zoom if I can get my tech head round it! 

I will stay in touch....and please do feel free to share your home stories with me.  I love hearing from you all and miss you all! 

Stay safe.....and keep in touch. 

Love to all xxx

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